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Philippians 2

Paul begins the chapter with an appeal for corporate unity among the Philippian believers. He instructs them to refrain from being selfish and instead, have a mindset of humility toward one another. The apostle holds up Christ, the glorified God-Man, as the ultimate example of humility. Following the remarkable Christological passage, Paul gives various directives and then provides news regarding Timothy and Epaphroditus.

Philippians 1

The apostle Paul greets the believers in Philippi and expresses his thanksgiving and affection for them. He prays for their continued spiritual progress in order that they might be vindicated in the “day of Christ.” In this chapter, Paul mentions his current imprisonment in Rome and that contrary to what one might expect, he was able to able to continue his ministry and spread the Gospel. In Paul we see a believer who is totally committed to the plan of God regardless of circumstances.

Introduction to Philippians

Philippians was a letter written to the believers in the city of Philippi by the apostle Paul while he was imprisoned in Rome. Prominent themes include humility, unity, and obedience in the Christian life. These themes are as applicable to believers today as they were in Paul’s day.